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Conflict in a Bi-Polar Community In order to understand how two global superpowers affected the rest of the world, we are going to research conflicts that involved either the United States, the Soviet Union, or their allies during the second half of the twentieth century. This exercise is to research an event and determine what you feel is relevant to share with the audience, so they can learn how a bi-polar global community affected the right of self-determination. With the aid of a Google Presentation, you will share the historical narrative of an event and how the bi-polar global community influenced the final outcome: Summary: What happened? Timeline: Identify key events. Key actors: Explain who the local leaders and key players were and how they figured into the conflict. Intervention: Explain how one or both superpowers attempted to hinder the nation’s right toward self determination. Lasting effects: Among the many impacts of the conflict, be sure to consider how your country’s path to self-determination was affected. It would also be interesting to include how the current powers involved view or tell the history of this conflict. Your completed project should include no more than seven slides. This does not include the Works Cited. Aim to be efficient but clear about the conflict. The above topics should not dictate each slide, but that information should be woven into the history itself. Possible Slide Organization: 1) Introduction, Broad Overview 2) Pre-History / Map 3) How does it start? 4) Climactic moment(s)? 5) End? Turn the tide? 6) Resolution / Peace 7) Lasting Effects Once it is complete, you will then import your slides into the class presentation, “13-14 Block [C,D,E, or G] Conflict in a Bi-Pola... ... middle of paper ... to share. Each slide contains one or more powerful and engaging images that helps the audience understand what the presenter is trying to convey at that time. The layout is dynamic and accessible. ____/6 Works Cited Student does not list sources used for research. Bibliography is complete, but not properly formatted Bibliography is properly formatted and complete ____/6 4 8 12 Presentation The presentation is a list of facts that seemed randomly organized and are shared without consideration of developing a narrative. The presentation of the historical narrative does not connect effectively with the slides, and could do a more effective job of engaging the audience The speaker is able to weave the slides into a broader description and explanation of the history, engaging the audience in the historical narrative _____/12 ______/45

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