Anglo Saxon Poems

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To begin, in the Anglo Saxon time period, the people thought much differently about what was good and what was bad. They had strong beliefs in things they where suppose to do before they die. One major belief is that you need to achieve some kind of glory before you pass away. This was for you and for the people around you. You needed something for the people of your town and those who know you, to remember you by forever after you are long gone. They had much respect for the older people around you. You where expected to stand up anytime an elder was to walk into the room. You where to stand their until they dismissed you and let you sit down. Things are far more different now a day. The Anglo Saxon time stretched on for thousands of years. These years of the Anglo Saxons greatly impacted our people. We may not exactly follow all the rules and ways of the Anglo Saxons, but we still have some things that carry over into our days and time. The most influential things we received from the Anglo Saxon’s were people who gave us the first masterpieces of English literature. I will be telling you about the three Anglo Saxon stories in which messages were given, the three stories are: “The Seafarer”, “The Wanderer”, and “The Wife’s Lament”. I will talk about the messages we have received from them and what how they have influenced us today.
Starting off, the first poem is “The Seafarer”. The Anglo Saxon people of Britain partook home differently than we do today. For us home is where we live. However, for the Anglo Saxon people, home is where one goes after one dies. Another difference is how an Anglo-Saxon warrior viewed himself as the follower of a particular lord or king, not as a citizen of a nation. With many differences in time pe...

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... be the lowest. If you can be there for someone who seems to be struggling in life it just may save their life. Many people begin to get depressed and have thoughts of suicide. A wise man once said, “The happiest people are often the most hurt”. In this day and age people often will put on a smile and pretend everything is okay. However, this is far from the case. A simple smile to someone can show you care for them. Be there for others when they need it the most.
To conclude, there is much to be learned from the Anglo Saxon people and time period. Things may have been much different back in their time, but we can learn so much from them. They had such great thinks on life overall. They seemed to have more respect for themselves and others around them. If we can take those three messages from the three Anglo-Saxon poems, we can better ourselves and those around us.
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