Anglo Saxon And Anglo Saxons

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There are many different types of work that were produced by the Anglo-Saxon people. Anglo-Saxons were the first people in England to have a language that was a mixture of French and old English. “Men cut down trees to clear land for ploughing and to sow crops. Farmers used oxen to pull ploughs up and down long strip fields. Children with dogs herded cattle and sheep. They also kept a lookout for wolves - which still lived in Britain at this time” (Who Were the Anglo-Saxons?). The people had very simple lives with no literature and a commitment to the Church. The stories that were told to the Anglo-Saxon people had many different beliefs in them. The religious influences of Anglo-Saxon literature include Christianity, Paganism, and the culture who wrote it. One of the major influences of Anglo-Saxon Literature was Christianity. The Anglo-Saxon people believed in paganism until monks and the Catholic Church started to teach in England “The church was a very important force in society; the only truly national entity tying together the different Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The early monasteries of Northumberland were vital centers of learning and the arts until they were scourged by the Viking raids of the ninth century” (Ross, David Early Christianity in Britain).The church was a main source of learning about Christianity taught by and influenced their writing. There are many different references in Anglo-Saxon literature to God, heaven, and hell. The works of “the Seafarer” and Beowulf all draw similar stories very close to the ones in the Bible. In the “Seafarer” the man who is out at sea starts praising God by saying, “Let there be thanks to God that he adored us, the Father of Glory, the Eternal Lord, Amen for all time. Amen” (Pound, ... ... middle of paper ... ...that influenced an early settlement that shaped England. The literature of the Anglo-Saxons had a major role in how literature was written. The influence of religions such as Paganism and Christianity were huge on the elements of how their stories were written. ”About 400 Anglo-Saxon texts survive from this era, including many beautiful poems, telling tales of wild battles and heroic journeys. The oldest surviving text of Old English literature is “Cædmon 's Hymn”, which was composed between 658 and 680, and the longest was the ongoing “Anglo-Saxon Chronicle”. But by far the best known is the long epic poem “Beowulf” (The History of English - Old English). The Anglo-Saxons were the first people of England to have literature and a common language. Their literature had combined Paganism and Christianity elements to influence today’s literature.

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