Angie Bachmann Addiction

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In the article “ The Neurology Of Free Will” by Charles Duhigg , Angie Bachmann is responsible for her gambling addiction and her actions . Bachmann addiction changes her life because she made a wrong decision in her life. Angie Bachmann life was routine , reward , and cue. She was responsible for addiction because she could control herself and nothing of this situation would happen to her if she would ask for help by solving her addiction . Angie Bachmann got out of control because she would go to the casino to play games and Bachmann sometimes would win or lose . Angie Bachmann’s was bored and she decides to enjoy her life . After she took her first to the casino, Bachmann started going with a riverboat once a week and that’s where her…show more content…
Some people have the same situation as Bachmann addiction always end up loosening everything in life and also getting the consequence just for making a wrong decision in life. Bachmann made a wrong decision in life, probably because she felt lonely in life and she decide to have some fun without thinking the consequence that would happen in her life. Angie Bachmann didn’t ask for help to stop her addiction or getting some treatment to solve her situation instead of continue with her life of enjoyment. Bachmann rules become more flexible as the size of her winnings and losses expanded. For example, “one day she lost 800 dollars in an hour and then earned 1,200 in forty minutes’’(qtd in Duhigg). Bachmann habit was loosening and winning, but one day lost everything , she had in life just because of her addiction of playing. Her habit became bad in life because she didn’t know how manage her…show more content…
The casino would call her to go play for them and she would go because she already had her routine of going everyday. She is fully responsible for her action towards her gambling addiction and destroying her life because she made a bad habit. Bachmann knew that her gambling addiction can lead into trouble and she set rules for herself . For example, “Protecting people from their bad habits in fact, defining which habits' should be considered "bad" in the first place is a prerogative lawmakers have eagerly seized’’(qtd in Duhigg). This explains that protecting people from their habits is bad and can lead them into a consequences in their life. People have similar problem with gambling in their life as well with Angie Bachmann . They can’t stop gambling in their life because once the person has a addiction in playing games at casino and the person gets a habit where it starts growing to them in their
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