Angels in the Sand

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The Sanderson family reunion was a tremendous success! There were almost 50 people in attendance coming from all over the state of Washington. Everyone seemed to enjoy their time together at Helen and Paul Sanderson’s home.

“We may have to do this all over next year!” Paul joked as he and Helen were washing the mountain of dishes left from the party goers.

Helen rolled her eyes in mock disgust. “Um, that’s a negative Mr. Sanderson. I will sleep for a week after the months it took to plan this shindig.” She gave Paul a quick kiss on the cheek and laughed.

Sonya, Helen and Paul’s teen daughter came into the kitchen quickly. She seemed to be searching for something.

“Mom, where’s Bailey?” Sonya said sounding a bit frustrated. Bailey was the family’s plump 13 year old Boston terrier who would love anyone who fed him bananas, rubbed his chest or gave him a warm and fuzzy blanket to plop his bulbous little body on. But in his old age he seemed to enjoy sleeping the most.

Helen put the last plate into the dishwasher and stood up pondering what her daughter had said.

“Did you look in the study? With all of these people traipsing back and forth through the house all day he probably hid out on top of your Dads reading chair.”

Sonya put her hands on her hips and shook her head no. “I checked the study, all of the bedrooms AND the garage. I don’t think he’s in the house at all.”

A small ball of anxiety started to form in the pit of Helen’s stomach. The doors have been open and shut all day she thought. As if Paul had read her thoughts he began to walk quickly upstairs to do a more thorough check of all of the rooms Bailey could have been hiding in.

After the family searched their home together they resolved that t...

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...he porch a beautifully familiar roly poly Boston terrier came rushing at the family.

“Bailey!” Sonya screamed happily. “Where have you been?” she bent down and the excited terrier frantically licked every corner of her face.

After a large Christmas dinner the family surmised that Bailey must have been disturbed by all of the commotion in the house and scooted out an open door and hopped into the truck bed of Uncle Al’s Ford. Which it must be noted had a very warm and fuzzy blanket. Perhaps Bailey fell asleep and simply unintentionally hitched a ride to Olympia during his slumber. The shelter said that Bailey had been picked up wandering the streets the day after the family reunion so that is the only logical explanation.

Whatever the circumstances it was completely agreed that Baileys absence and return was a mysterious, albeit joyful, Christmas miracle.
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