Angels Save Lives: Analysis: Angels Saving Lives

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“Angels” Saving Lives According to Philip Moeller says “people who volunteer tend to have a higher self-esteem, psychological well-being, and happiness”. Pitiful I know how it feels not having food and shelter. I was born in the United States, but move out with my family from the United States because we did not have a place to live. My family and I traveled to El Salvador to live at my grandmother house. After my grandmother Concha left us stayed at her house, I saw how much to be grateful to her because without her helping us probably we would end forsaken homeless. Being part of two different countries I saw a big gap between the help to the need ones. The government of the United States gives us the benefits with from our payment of taxes. And in El Salvador government use the money unnecessary things than helping poor communities. Growing up in El Salvador make me see poverty in…show more content…
Some people only see the homeless and never look the truth and story of any poor people in the street. The reality we can help someone and change his or her lives. An example about homeless can be any age. This child 12 years old was homeless near the market of El Salvador in death and dirty. Every one passed by him, but never stop to help the kid. I was passing by and gave him oranges that I carried in my arms to home for my family. Singer states: “Unlike Dora, Bob did not have to look into the eyes of the child he was sacrificing for his own material comfort.” (402) This is the reality about material vs. kindness. As Bob did not care about the kid getting run over from the train. Society can be cruel because we only care of ourselves, others people that have enough money to spend in luxury. When I was attending school my classmates were going school at twelve years old to first grade, but we never know how much this kid been through. The rich people live with the poor. And the poor survive by working for the

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