Angela Carter Research Paper

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Angela Carter was an English writer born Angela Stalker in 1940, well known for her dark imagery and powerful female characters. She won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for her novel Nights at the Circus.
Monica Garcia: So Ms. Carter when did you first start to write?
Angela Carter: Well, sometime after I finished high school I worked as a journalist for the Croydon Advertiser, from there I went to study English literature at the University of Bristol.
MG: What lead you to write the Bloody Chamber?
AC: A lot of things lead me to write those stories. But if I were to say what got the ball rolling, I would pin that down to shortly after I moved to Tokyo by using the winnings from the Somerset Maugham Award. While I lived for two years there I was shocked by the strictly defined gender roles of Japan which helped me form my “radical feminist views” as they’re called. So certainly that experience was part of the inspiration to write my leads as
MG: Personally my favorite was The Tiger’s Bride, with this “Beauty” having a more snarky tone than Disney’s Belle that most people are familiar with.
AC: I agree, not that I dislike the Mouse’s interpretation of the “Beauty.” She certainly has her strengths such as her intelligence.
MG: For those not
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When she starts to strip in order to level the playing field, the Beast becomes visibly discomforted so she stops. By the time she decides she wants to stay with him, the Beast is thoroughly convinced she will leave with her father since he already delivered the payment he promised earlier if he saw her naked and is frightened when she first comes to his room but comes to realize she accepts him and his bestial nature. Part of the reason he was initially afraid of her, was because he had utterly rejected his restraints on his animalistic nature, represented by his discarded clothes and broken incense that covered his
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