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Every thing in life has a question, every question in life has an answer, and every answer in life has a reason. My question is, why be an anesthesiologist? Well why be anything, why be parents, why be young, why is the world getting more and more violent. Because we want to be, we have to be, and that's just where the world is taking us. I want to help people I want to make a difference in the way that people feel. I could very easily be a psychologist but it takes one to know one and I don't want to do that. Being a doctor I have the chance to help people of all ages and I won’t be compromising my physical and mental health.

Going into surgery knocked out by an anesthetic is like stepping on to an airplane, because you are temporarily putting your life into what you hope are trained professionals. Anesthesia has revolutionized the way we look at surgery. Hundreds of new, better and safer anesthetics have been introduced in the past 40 years. Just think of how it would be to be one of the doctors to bring one those new advances into the world. How many millions of people would you be helping?

Science is rapidly growing in the medical field every day their is a new discovery of a drug, or a procedure that works better than the old, so their for to be a part of the advancing age would be more gratifying than many other things that I can think of. An estimated 15 million people undergo anesthesia each year with only the rarest of complications. The most interesting thing about this miracle is that their is not a person on the face of this earth that can tell you what it is about the drugs we use that makes them do what they do. We don't even know how they work, or understand how they work. Yes this is a very scary thing but just think of the rewards and benefits that you could have if you could come with the answer to all those questions.

The fact is, is that we don't know any more now about anesthetics now than we did 150 years ago when we first started using them. Like many revolutions in medicine, anesthesia was first discovered by chance in the early 1900’s.

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