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The work of an anesthesiologist is fulfilling with many benefits. A person would desire to become an anesthesiologist because there is a high standard of excellence due to a low percentage of doctors in this special field, not to mention the high salary. This occupation benefits the doctor through a feeling of personal gratification while receiving a great education. The community benefits through his or her help relieving the pain accompanied by surgery. Becoming an anesthesiologist involves extensive education and training, while also having many requirements and a good salary range.
Anesthesiology, the medical field dealing with anesthesia and related matters, including recovery and pain, developed as a specialized field because of the dangers of anesthesia. Anesthesia involves the use of carefully graduated doses of strong poisons to deaden pain. Gradually surgeons and physicians saw anesthesiologists as tools to broaden the surgical horizons by allowing surgeries seen as inconceivable to be performed. Anesthesiology entails the practice of medicine associated with:
The management of procedures for rendering a patient insensible to pain and emotional stress during surgical, obstetrical, and certain other medical procedures. The support of life functions under the stress of anesthetic and surgical manipulations, and the clinical management of the unconscious patient, while managing problems in pain relief. Along with the management of problems in cardiac and respiratory...
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