Aneroxia Nervosa

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Aneroxia Nervosa


CINEMATOGRAPHY: The points made where that the shot will start off as a birds eye view and zero in to a wide shot of a typical home. The point in this is to create a typical family home scene, in an ordinary neighbourhood so to emphasize that Craig is simply a bad egg and evoke emotion (in particular sympathy) from audience. A police car will enter the shot and similtaniously the sounds will stop, the scene will be cut shortly after

SOUND: I have not chosen music in this scene because I felt it imperative to continue with the ‘stereotypical noises of traffic, kids playing etc, for the same reasons as above.

Setting: A normal family home, again for the reasons above.
Lighting: Dark clouds are beginning to form so to show that trouble is brewing in the story.

EDITING: The shot will be cut as the police car parks and the noise of plying traffic etc. stops.


CINEMATOGRAPHY: The shot will be in real time and will be a wide shot so to include all the family doing normal “stereotypical activities”

SOUND: Diagetic family noises will be present;
Chopping vegies
T.V noise
Chatting etc.
Toward the end of the scene a doorbell will ring over all this and mum will go to answer it.


Setting: a typical family shot will be the setting to continue to create the scene intended and to evoke the sympathy when Craig will be arrested.

Costume: All are dressed in middle-upper class clothing except Craig who wears FUBU and baggy jeans, this is to ensure he is singled out from his family and made to look the bad egg

Figure Behaviour: Mum leaves to answer the door, all else continue with their activities (Dad chopping vegies, sister watching TV and Craig reading newspaper).

Editing: The will end as mum disappears through the doorway.


CINEMATOGRAPHY: A close up is used here to show that Craig is aware of what is about to happen, audiences are invited to think this as he is obviously distressed.

SOUND: Still the diagenic sounds of the family.


Lighting: craigs face is slighty shadowed to show that he is a dark horse, hes introuble.

Figure behaviour: Craig obviously distressed, sweat appears as he is anticipating what is about to happen.

EDITING: As we hear the first sign of footsteps the shot is cut


CINEMATOGRAPHY: The shot(s) are still all in real time. I have used what perhaps could be considered halway between a subjective shot and a long shot to include all the family’s reactions as the police appear, but to still create the tension of a face off between the policeman and Craig.
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