Andy Warhol: Pre-Innovator: Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol
Pre- Innovator Being an innovator of anything really takes time and patience. There is also an understood risk that comes with inventing anything. There is a huge risk that the general population will not like what you are presenting to them. Innovator are the people that will take the biggest risks, but they are the ones that enjoy the biggest success if their idea is accepted. Any Warhol was a person that enjoyed the biggest success as people accepted and embraced him. Though he was thought of as a gay man, Warhol still obtained a lot of success. Warhol was a controversial innovator because he did not conform to the standards that were already, he chose to pave another path
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He took the steps towards making his dreams a definite reality (Andrew Warhola). Warhol came to fame by becoming a Pop innovator. He chose to make art that the general public could see and purchase.
The Beginning of Pop Art Pop art is a movement that started in the late 1950’s in Britain but was really developed in the United States. This was a movement where individual and mass identity was determined by how people presented themselves (Stockstad 1090). Pop art is really visual. There are a lot of bright colors coming across a canvas. Artists like Warhol and Hamilton really made this movement a reality.
1949 was the year that Warhola decided to drop the letter “a” from his last name to officially become Andrew Warhol (Andrew Warhola). Warhol relocated to New York in hopes of being an illustrator. There are many pieces that Warhol have completed during his lifetime. His work made its first appearance the world in 1949. Warhol became one of the most successful illustrators of the 1950s, winning numerous awards (Andy Warhol).He had a different style of drawing, one that was something that no one had seen before. He gives credit to his mother for giving him drawing lessons when he was younger, those lessons are were the beginning of making the innovator. (Andy

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