Android vs Apple

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Two operating systems currently dominate the smartphone market, Apple and Android. It all started six years ago when Google launched its android system. However, its approach was much different. Google had made just the software, not the device, giving the software free to phone makers to alter and adjust in anyway they pleased to fit their over 70 different phones. Google believed that by offering it free, in the long run would create more internet friendly phones and more ad views for Google. I think that this strategy was successful due to the fact that Android is the world’s most popular operating system loved by many smartphone users. My point here, that Android is the better operating system, than Apple, should interest those who are looking to upgrade to a new smartphone. Beyond this limited audience however, my point should speak to anyone who cares about the larger issue of which is more creative, innovative and will come out on top in the future.
There are reviews all over the internet from people with personal experience that have owned both types of phones. One blogger believes that Android is an ever expanding market with limitless possibilities. She urged people to avoid Apple by saying “Do you know what company has not been innovative when it comes to mobile OSs in the past couple of years? That’s right, Apple” (The Ultimate Debate). Many innovations such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar were created for one common goal, to make the consumer’s life easier and have everything controlled all in one place. In addition, the consumer can change almost any settings on apps like these to fit the liking of anyone. In short, Android is clearly the more innovative company giving more control to smartphone use...

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... durability, ability to change anything on the device and the fact that it connects all of the Google Apps together making lives easier. Anyone looking to change phones should seriously consider all the variables. So the choice is yours. The freedom and customization of Android or the strict, bland and to the point Apple. What will your next upgrade bring?

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