Andrew Jackson: The Most Controversial United States President

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Presidents are usually looked up to and admired throughout the country they serve. Andrew Jackson, the six-foot two-inch seventh President of the United States of America, was born in South Carolina and later moved to Tennessee. He was elected president because of his military victories, such as the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812. Andrew Jackson was by far one on the most controversial presidents because of his self-focused actions, along with his dictatorial style and tendency to get a job done by any means. Jackson based his decisions upon what he thought would most benefit himself, not the country. His cabinet was often called a “kitchen cabinet” because he appointed friends with the same political views as him to fill the positions. By doing this, he made his opinions prevail, instead of considering several different opinions. Very early into Jackson’s presidency, he had hired and fired many people. The system was called the Spoils System. Many people may argue that this is a sign of an incompetent leader because he could make a decision that he stayed with. A m...
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