Andrew Jackson

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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was born in the Waxhaws near the border of North and South Carolina, on March 15, 1767. When Andrew Jackson was born, no one probably guessed that he would be the seventh president of the United States of America. He wasn’t a “high class” person or had all the same credentials, but he became a war hero thus lifting him to his presidency. Andy Jackson was born the third child of Scotch-Irish parents. Jackson’s father, also named Andrew, died as a result of a logging accident just before Andy’s birth. Andy’s mother, Elizabeth (also known as Betty) was a very independent woman, she raised three sons at her sister’s home in South Carolina. The revolutionary war was very hard on the Jackson family. All three boys saw active service in the war. One brother, Hugh, died during a battle. Andy and his other brother Robert were taken as prisoners of war. A British officer told them to shine his shoes and when Andrew said no, the officer sliced his hand. Andrew took this resentment to his grave. Robert contracted smallpox and died. Andrew’s mother also died of an illness. Andrew was left as an orphan living with friends and relatives from the age of fourteen. Jackson taught school briefly but did not really like that so he decided to practice law. In 1796, Tennessee was separated from North Carolina and Jackson was elected a U.S. senator the following year. In 1802, Jackson was elected to major general in the Tennessee militia, ten years...

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