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Andrew Jackson’s a name that stands out among all the other men that have stepped foot in office and accepted the responsibility of leading our country. His face is seen by millions on the twenty dollar bill on a daily basis, and this recognition was well deserved. As the 7th president of the United States of America he made many strives and carried a strong desire to benefit the “common man” while still serving the good of all.
His beliefs regarding the power the president should hold affected all of the presidents to come. The Founding Fathers had intended for Congress to lead the nation, while the president, on the other hand, would act more as a law enforcer than anything else. Andrew Jackson disagreed with that vision, feeling that the president should hold much more power in the government. He made sure to expand on it during his two terms in office, for when the time came, one of his first actions were to fire a handful of federal government workers and replace them with people he saw fit. That was the first time a president had ever done that, to the extent that he did, and he didn’t stop there. Over the span of his presidency he vetoed of total of 12 bills, more than any president before him.
Andrew Jackson passed the “Tariff of 1828” that’s purpose was to protect industry in the North. Although it had protected the North, it actually harmed the South at the same time. The South had to pay higher prices in result of the tariff, and also received less money for the crop they depended on so much: cotton. The South, of course, despised the Tariff and it started to press the issue of sectionalism. The state to take action, though, was South Carolina. They passed the Nullification Ordinance in November 1832, which said...

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...government, he was undoubtedly an excellent military leader and an excellent leader of our country— a natural born leader.

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