Andres Segovia

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Andres Segovia

Quick Biography

Andres Segovia was born on February 21, 1893 in the Andalusian city of Linares,

Spain. His father was a prosperous lawyer and hoped that one day that his son would join him

in his work. Andres’ father, trying to build a wide cultural background for his son, began to

provide Andres with musical instruction at an early age. He thought him how to play the piano

and the violin, but Andres did not seem to be too enthusiastic about either instrument. When

he heard the guitar at one of his friend’s home being played his interest in music it self had

begun. Even though his parents disapproved of him playing the guitar, Andres still continued to

play the instrument. Andres applied his previous acquired musical knowledge to his study of the

guitar. Because of this Andres developed his own technique, he had discovered quite early that

certain piano exercises were beneficial in strengthening the fingers for the guitar. He believed

that the guitars rightful place was in a concert stage, but at this time the guitar was considered

unsuitable in place like a concert stage (Cumpiano, William).

Andres Segovia’s Impact on The Guitar

Because of Andres Segovia, the history of the guitar changed forever. Andres

Segovia’s performances also helped make guitar makers like Manuel Ramirez, and Herman

Hauser become famous themselves. His expertise also helped the Yamaha corporation, but

his greatest impact was as a teacher. To study with the great Segovia was considered one of

the finest honors of a classical guitarist. Segovia felt that he was the person to bring the guitar

to an unseen level of fame. He had an encounter with Jose del Hierro, who had heard him play

at the shop of Manuel Ramirez and told Segovia to take up the violin instead, but Segovia told

Del Hierro that it was too late for him to take up another instrument and that the guitar of

tomorrow needed him. Segovia’s first concert quality guitar was from the shop of Manuel

Ramirez built by Santos Hernandez in 1912. He got the guitar in preparation for his concert at

the Ateneo, Andres needed a guitar that could be used in a concert. The guitar he had was

made by a famous maker, but was only a student model which was made from cheap wood

(Zondag, Curtis).

He went to the store to look for something to play on a “rent to own” basis.
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