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Biography of Andree Putman Andree Putman, one of the world best known contemporary designers was born in Paris, 1925. Every career that Ms. Putman has attempted she has excelled in. Therefore, many would say her style is eclectic ranging from interiors to perfume. Throughout all of her projects she has “worked with the idea of making beautiful things accessible to everyone”. Ms. Putman is a one of a kind designer who has reached beyond the borders of interior design itself. Ms. Putman began her career as a musician where she was instructed by a well known French composer, Francis Poulenc. In the 1960’s Ms. Putman worked as a journalist, writing columns for L’Oeil (eye) and Les Cahiers de Elle. Finally in 1978 her career as an interior designer/architect had developed due to publicity from designing just a few residencies for friends. Mafia, the first French style and marketing consulting company was also formed by Ms. Putman. Towards the end of the 60’s, Ms. Putman worked in the design & style department of the French stores Prisunic, working with Denise Fayolle and Mame Arnodine. Mafia persuaded famous young artists to help with designing a collection of home accessories and outstanding lithographs. This was one of the many ways that Ms. Putman achieved her idea of making beautiful things such as, contemporary art available to the general public at a minimal cost. Didier Grumbach...

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