Andrea Yates

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Andrea Yates

“Yates does not fit the profile of a mother who kills her children” said Hay of

Child Protective Services. (Glenn par. 14) Most mothers who kill their children are

younger and generally start out as teen-age moms. However, thirty-seven year old

Andrea Pia Yates killed her five children and is now on trial to receive a punishment for

her actions. She claims the reason she committed the crime is because she suffers from a

severe case of postpartum depression. Andrea Yates possesses many problems and no

matter her state of mental health, she will be punished for the crime she committed.

On June 20, 2001, Andrea Pia Yates drowned her four sons and one daughter

ranging from ages six months to seven years. She drowned Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul, 3,

Luke, 2, and Mary, six months, in the bathtub in their home. The children were

apparently killed approximately one hour after their father, longtime NASA Johnson

Space Center computer engineer, left for work. The bodies of three of her sons and her

infant daughter were found on a bed, covered by a sheet. The oldest boy was found in the

bathtub, Houston Police said. (Glenn par. 2) She was arrested without bond on June 22

for the charge of murdering her five children. Andrea was arrested after summoning the

police to her home located in Clear Lake. Andrea called her husband Russell after

phoning police and said he had “better come home…” (qtd. in Glenn par. 15). When he

arrived, police were already at the scene and would not allow him to enter his home.


Looking dazed, the skinny long-haired woman said: “I killed my kids.” (qtd. in Glenn

par. 3).

Andrea Yates claimed that the reason she killed her children was because she

suffered from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression, which affects

approximately eight to fifteen percent of mothers in America, usually starts four weeks

after the birth of a child and can last for months (Post Partum Depression screen 1). It

causes feelings of panic, confusion, and hopelessness, and can change the sleeping and

eating patterns of the one suffering. Postpartum depression is usually mild and is easily

treated with medication. Yet, in come rare cases, it can lead to violence. Postpartum

depression is classified in three different categories. The ...

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..., yet experts believe that she really does not know everything that is going on

around her.

Ever since June 20, people across America have been confused and disturbed by

the actions of Andrea Pia Yates. The hearts of everyone go out to her poor husband who

is now left with no one to call his immediate family. Russell Yates made a website which

is dedicated to his five children. The website has pictures and home videos of each of the

children. The world can only hope and pray that such tragic and shocking events like the

one that occurred on June 20 will not occur in the future.

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