And Strengths Of Values In Life

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Distinctively from others, I don’t bear a single quality or aptitude that defines me, but instead a collection of traits and skills that make up fractions of my character. In fact, I have somewhat of a list of values and principles that I try to live by. My first and most prominent strength is having a strong work ethic. In fact, I believe this is the most essential trait to have in life, for even though one may not naturally be at an advantage in a particular field of study or in a peculiar task, one may gain the capability and expertise in that subject through hard work and sharp determination. A strong work ethic is what embodies some of the most distinguished figures in today’s society, and is what some of the people in the past have found…show more content…
Also, I never want to settle for becoming average. I deem that we as highly intellectual individuals owe it to ourselves to aspire towards becoming better than everyone else, for we must oppose mediocrity and undertake the task of standing out among the crowd. Similarly, a lack of complacency is necessary to keep moving forward in the path towards success. There will be a point in my life where I wish to look back and be satisfied with what I have accomplished, but for now, my focus is fixed on moving forward onto the next chapter of my journey. In addition, I don’t have a specific talent that defines me, but I do take pride and going above and beyond to achieve academic excellence. Throughout grade school and high school, I’ve academically held myself to a high standard, focusing on quality and diligence, and I’ve consequently been able to obtain an exemplary education. Furthermore, I take pride in my grade point average and my yearly grades, not just because they’re high, but also because they represent the countless hours of vigorous work, study, and preparation that I've invested to become…show more content…
For example, I value family above everything, except my relationship with God. Correspondingly, I comprehend that my family is held together by more than just a bond determined by blood, for in fact my family is bonded through an attachment of souls that lasts well beyond the grave. In fact, family very well includes those who love and will have your back even when you're not paying attention, those who will protect you from even yourself. These may evidently include close friends we meet along our path in life, and even those few mentors we encounter who mold us to be better people. Similarly to my appreciation of family, my relationship with God holds the highest pedestal in my life, for it is that relationship that shines a hope on the everyday struggle to triumph in the odyssey towards happiness. My relationship with God allows me to think clearly, differentiate right from wrong, remove toxic people from my life, and analyze life in a way that I can live with a purpose pointed in the right direction. In fact, it is thanks to this relationship with God that I’ve stayed sane through the problems and complicated dilemmas that seek to conquer my life. Lastly, if there is any skill or trait that defines me, it would be the competitive nature that vanquishes my demeanor when attempting to complete any task. Thus, allowing me to be
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