Ancient Rome, The Power Of The Roman Empire

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Ancient Rome started as a small city-state, however through force it was established as the dominating power of the Mediterranean. Rome was founded by Romulus on April 21, 753 B.C., and reached its peak in land it controlled in around 120 A.D., and slowly fell after that. During Rome’s peak, the Roman Empire controlled all of Gaul, parts of Germania and Brittan, and most of the Mediterranean. Because the Romans controlled so much land, its important rulers, events, and religion impacted much of the world. To begin with, there were many important people in Rome. An important roman general born sometime around 157 B.C. was named Gaius Marius. He improved the roman army, turning it into a deadly force. He was the leading general in a major battle called Aqnae Sextiae. Aqnae Sextiae was against two Germanic tribes, the Teutones and the Ambrones, who invaded parts of the Roman Empire in 102 B.C. After him, born on July 100 B.C., was a roman general named Gaius Julius Caesar, who later became the first dictator of Rome. In 58 B.C. Julius invaded Gaul and in 50 B.C., he conquered Gaul. In his honor, the roman senate named July after him. On March 15, 44 B.C., senators assassinated Julius. Roman generals and others tried to take power, but in the end, Julius’ adopted nephew, Octavian, later known as Augustus, took power. He established himself as emperor. In many people’s view, Augustus was the best emperor. He improved roman cities with the construction of aqueducts and roads, which resulted in roman trade improving. August was named after him. Another great emperor was Trajan. He was very wise and he improved everyday life of roman citizens. One generous thing he did was setting up funds for poor people. Trajan conquered Dacia, a coun... ... middle of paper ... ...ho guarded the food. Christianity was not a popular religion at around 50 A.D.; as Nero had started persecuting Christians. However, at around 300 A.D., Constantine had a vision from Christ. Constantine continued and defeated his rival in battle and became a Christian Emperor. He granted money and support to the Christian church and with his support, the Christianity became the dominant religion and the traditional Roman religion was gradually forgotten. The Roman Empire, although it was possibly the greatest empire, still started as a small city-state. Ancient Rome was an interesting and great empire. Rome had many important rulers, events, and Rome had a strange religion. Because the Roman Empire was created by one city-state and in turn that city-state was created by just Romulus, Rome should represent that even one person can have a great effect on the world.

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