Ancient Japan

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Ancient Japan, the Land of Rising Sun, was a miraculous civilization in eastern Asia. Even though ancient Japan’s culture is about thousands of years old, no one could ever forget their distinctive traditions and history throughout time. I featured Ancient Japan in this report because of its society, now, had combined their ancient customs with our modern innovations together. This fascinating civilization also consisted of unique clothing, food, and customs in their day-to-day life. In this essay, I will be interpreting you on how the magnificent country of Japan was like about 12,014 years ago in the past.

Japan consisted of many islands in the Pacific Ocean off the northeastern shoreline of Asia, and was 1,865 miles (3,000 kilometers) from the north to the south. In addition, Japan’s widest point was only 250 miles (402 kilometers) wide. To the west of Japan was China and Korea and faraway to Japan’s east was the United States and Canada. Japan’s total land area was 145,000 square miles, which would only be one-twentieth of the United States. Even though Japan was made up of more than 4,000 islands, most of its land area and population were concentrated in the four largest islands, which together would be about the size of California. Most of Japan’s land consisted with mountains, and only 17 percent of its land could be used for cultivation purposes.

One if Japan’s toughest time was when the Japanese was at war. In 194, Kyoto Heian became Japan’s capital. In the Heian era, political power was held by the Fajiwara clan and they were later overpowered by the Taira clan, who were defeated by the Minamoto clan. Even though the emperor remained in Kyoto’s power, real power was shifted to the Minamoto str...

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...ning, crucifixion, decapitation by sword, or waist-cutting (cutting the person in half). The death penalty often carrued colloteral punishments. One of them was parading the criminal around town prior to execution. Another one was public display of the criminal’s execution. To finish, there was a public display of the severed head after execution.

In conclusion, everyone in Japan had a life that’s either easy-going or harsh. Japan has an intriging way of life from the start of the Jomon period all the way to the end of the Yayoi period. I enjoyed learning about their way of life and how their families cared for one another. After learning so much about Ancient Japan, I realized what seems normal to us may seem unusual to the Japanese people. To conclude, Ancient Japan is an exclusive civilization which we should learn more about throughout history.
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