Ancient Greek Theater In The Curmudgeon By Meander

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How would you feel if you lived in a time period where god and goddesses controlled your everyday life (“Religion”). Ancient Greece contained many important events and the people created many important things. Greek theater was very important as well, it was a great source of entertainment for its people. Ancient Greek theater was influenced by the time period in that it involved a lot of mythological gods and goddesses as evidence in the play The Curmudgeon by Meander.
One thing Ancient Greece was known for was its religion. In Greece the religion was based mostly on myths (“Religion”). There was a god or goddess that represented a different role in the everyday life of a Greek citizen (“Religion”). Each deity was believed to provide and protect for the people of Greece (“Religion”). “To receive benefits from the gods, they had to offer prayers, sacrifices, and gifts” (“Religion”). Each citizen had to respect the areas where the gods and goddesses were believed to have lived (“Religion”). “Each city had their own patron god or goddess” (“Religion”). Also, each city had temples and altars for their patron god or goddess (“Religion”). “Religious festivals were an important part of the social life of ancient Greek cities” (“Religion”). To worship their deity people held public and private ceremonies for them (“Religion”). They’re 12 major gods and goddesses: Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Athena, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Hestia (“Religion”). Even though they are the most worshipped deities, the Greeks worshipped Prometheus, the god of civilization and technology (“Technology”).
“The term technology refers to the use of scientific knowledge to develop practical needs for controlling physical objects and...

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...a husband for Myrrhine” (Polio). So Gorgias ask Sostratos to marry Myrrhine (Polio). So with this play comes with many themes.
The Curmudgeon by Meander is filled with themes. One theme is to be nice. Being nice is always important, because you never know when they will help you in the future. The Knemon was always mean to Gorgias, but Gorgias saved the Knemon life when he fell in a well (Polio). Another theme is love. Love is universal. Everyone loves someone at least one point in their life, Sostratos falls madly in love with Myrrhine (Polio). Love will make you do anything for that person.
The Ancient Greece era played a big role on how we still live today. It contributed its religion, technology, important events, and even its theater to us. Gods and goddesses also played a big role in ancient Greece, which is evidence in the play The Curmudgeon by Meander.
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