Ancient Egyptian Civilization

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529 words

Throughout time, there have been various civilizations, many of which are now ancient. One of the most complex and fascinating of these is that of Ancient Egypt.
Beginning in roughly 3150 B.C., a civilization known as Ancient Egypt was formed in Northeastern Africa. This was calculated from a method that Egyptians used which was called chronology. Chronology was used to record rulers and dynasties, as well as events of importance.
Egyptian development began when King Menes – the first pharaoh - unified upper and lower Egypt. This formed a society that advanced over the centuries.
The type of government Ancient Egyptian was theocracy. This means they worshiped a single person as a God; and primarily being the Pharaoh.
The primary writing system for Egyptians was hieroglyphics, which used a few different elements of writing. It was used in a number of ways, such as royal decrees, temple and tomb imprints, religious texts, personal accounts, and legal documents.
Credited for several different inventions, one of the Egyptians’ most famous is something as simple as eye m...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ancient egypt was formed in 3150 b.c., using a method called chronology to record rulers and dynasties.
  • Explains that egyptian development began when king menes unified upper and lower egypt, forming a society that advanced over the centuries. the primary writing system for egyptians was hieroglyphics.
  • Explains that egyptians invented eye makeup, which was made out of soot and minerals, as a status symbol, protection against eye diseases, and thick coatings for thinking.
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