Ancient Egypt: The Building Of A Country

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The building of a country Egypt has traveled a long, rocky road to end up where it is today. From having fought many wars in the process of being controlled by many different counties to internal strife and independent desires of monarchies the country has seen its share of dark times. As Egypt is trying to rid itself of corruption it is also setting an example for the entire region to see and follow. Egyptian history dates back to about the Pharaonic Era, when the already sophisticated upper and lower kingdoms of Egypt united. The countries golden age took place during the 18th and 19th dynasties. At this time is when the empire was established and Christianity came to be in Egypt. The Muslims invaded and then conquered Egypt after relative peace. After the conquest it still took several decades for Muslim to become the majority in the country. Alexander the Great continued march through the land included the conquest of Egypt. His rule was continued until the dynasty of the Ptolemies claimed its rule on the arid land. During the sixteenth century the Ottoman Empire took over rule of Egypt. Egypt was ruled from Constantinople, otherwise known now as Istanbul. Gaining Independence During the era of modernization, Napoléon sent French armies to occupy the country. The French rule lasted from 1798 to 1801. In 1882 the British invaded, but their rule lasted only a few years. In 1805 Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha, an Ottoman military leader, took over Egypt. After his death in 1849 his descendants continued to rule. After completion of the Suez Canal, the French and British empires became increasing interested in Egypt. In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt, with British resident agents becoming administrators under the ... ... middle of paper ... ... labor population. The working population, males 15 to 64 years of age, in Egypt is approximately 18.6 million. The counties Armed Forces comprise 2.4 percent of this number. Every year 650,000 males reach military age with approximately 80,000 conscripted into the military. Conclusion Egypt can be described as having as diverse of a history as one country can have. The people of Egypt have thrived through many other countries as conquerors but have come out with their own identity. The influence of western and European styles is mixed with a traditional sense of values that helps to shape the culture. While the country has not yet become a fully functioning self governed state it is well on its way and a leader among the Middle East and Africa. America enjoys a tentative friendship with Egypt with hopes of building a stronger relationship in the future.

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