Ancient Egypt, Memphis And Urban Development Of Memphis

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Ancient Egypt, one of the four great ancient civilizations and is located in northeast Africa, in the middle and lower reaches of the Nile River region. The history of Ancient Egypt is great and far-reaching. Until now Ancient Egypt also can often mentioned by people. Moreover, there are many prehistoric cities established in Ancient Egypt and these cities full of legendary stories and rich history and culture. Memphis is a typical historical city in Ancient Egypt. There are three aspects could show the history of Memphis which is urban origins of Memphis, urban development of Memphis and morphology of Memphis. The following contents will give more detailed information and the introduction of Memphis.

Bard, K. A. (2015). An introduction to
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Meanwhile, the author uses a lot of historical information to prove that the urban origins and development are relatively depends on the established of tombs. Menes, the first king of Egypt created the Egyptian tradition the foundation of the capital city Memphis and Menes established tombs at the beginning to announce the rights of the king. With the widely establish of tombs in the New Kingdom, the development of the city pass into a fast age. Then Memphis enters into peace time and has achieved a great development of trade. Thus the city became the trade center. Therefore, the great tombs of the New Kingdom influence the public and private life in Memphis. Until now, the tombs were created in the New Kingdom still as cultural heritage in Egyptian culture. All in all, development and established of tombs is necessary condition of urban origins and urban development of…show more content…
The author gives a g general summary of the birth of urban life, which is the advantage of the natural environment, gives natural foundation for cities origin. For example, water likes sea or river, provides a convenient condition for transport and human movement. Author also gives detailed information about Memphis, Memphis as the capital of Ancient since 1st dynasty and begins its golden age at the 4th dynasty. Then Memphis had a decline in the Middle kingdom but Memphis starts its second prosperous time as foreign invasion. Latterly, Memphis became an education center for