Ancient Egypt History

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Meysar Abdulkadir Oct 16th, 2017 History of Early Western Civilization Research Paper Assignment (Ancient Egypt): Ancient Egypt started around three-thousands and one-hundred B.C. to six-hundred and seventy-two B.C. Ancient Egypt started after two-thousand and four-hundred years after Mesopotamia civilization began. Ancient Egypt was located in the Mediterranean region. This environment is hot and dry so it forced the ancient Egyptians to live near the Nile River to get water for their crops. Notwithstanding, the Nile River floods flooded at the same time each year making the floods regular and predictable. When the Nile River flooded, it deposited nutrient-rich soil on the riverbanks. This made the riverbanks excellent farmland. The ancient Egyptians took advantage of the riverbanks and grew a surplus of food. The ancient Egyptians profited from the floods and had more than enough food for everyone. This is also one of the reasons for a peaceful time during the ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians didn't have to fight over food like other civilizations like the Mesopotamia. The capital of ancient Egypt was founded by King Menes. King Menes founded the capital at White Walls which is now Memphis. King Scorpion was the first king to try and conquer the northern Egypt but he failed. After a hundred years, king Menes conquered northern Egypt and unified the land to make himself the first dynasty king. Based on the article, it states that, "Menes, the first pharaoh, united the Lower Egypt (the Nile delta) with Upper Egypt (the Nile valley) to form one long narrow kingdom with a capital at Memphis" (The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide, Egypt, Ancient). The ancient Egyptians believed that their king ... ... middle of paper ... ...ent Egypt women were highly honorable. And they had a great impact during the ancient Egypt times. Though it was rarely, notwithstanding, ancient Egypt women could even become the pharaoh. Work Cited: “Egyptian Social Structure.”, Independence Hall Association, “Women of Ancient Egypt.”, Independence Hall Association, “Ancient Egypt – Facts, Gods, Religion, Pyramids, Pharaohs.” Ancient Egypt Facts Gods Religion Pyramids Pharaohs RSS, “The Role of Women in Ancient Egypt.” Ancient Egypt Facts Gods Religion Pyramids Pharaohs RSS, “Gods, Goddesses and Worship in Ancient Egypt.” Ancient Egypt Facts Gods Religion Pyramids Pharaohs RSS,
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