Ancient Computational Devices

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The computer exemplifies modern day life. They have infiltrated every aspect of our society. There is very little that does not rely on this modern day monster. Computers are no longer machines performing simple basic functions. Most businesses the world over would not be able to function without one or other form of computing. From the supermarkets to automatic teller machines, computers have impacted on our lives and will continue to do so as the world moves forward with new and better technology than before. It will continue to evolve.
The abacus which emerged in Asia about 5,000 years ago may be thought of as the first computer all be it a manual one. "I wish to God these calculations had been performed by steam!" These were the words uttered in 1822 out of frustration by Charles Babbage (1791 – 1871) and with these words he was the first person that conceived the idea of a computer as we know it. A man fascinated by mathematics that went to study at Cambridge in 1811 (N., 1995). He discovered that he knew more than his tutors which encouraged him to start the Analytical Society in the hope that they could change the mathematics field in Britain. He was a co-founder of several other societies as well as a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. He resigned this to work on his engines. As an inventor, he spearheaded the creation of Britain’s modern postal service amongst others and he was at the forefront of British technology.
As a founding member of Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society he saw the need and the opportunity for innovation as these astronomers had to do long, difficult and time consuming calculations that were fraught with errors. Using his advanced mathematic skills he was determined to create a machine...

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...abbage’s Analytical Engine. We now have programmes that replicate the abilities of the engine.
As time has evolved so too has the computer. Technology has become so advanced that I think the power of the computer as well as the power and functions of the programs are not yet fully understood by everyone. Computers have certainly improved people’s lives. If we think of where it all started in a huge room with thousands of parts and compare it to today the advances have been far reaching. In fact if you own a cell phone, in itself a powerful tool, it is almost as good as having a hand held computer. From the big old white monitors to flat screens that are wafer thin. As man continues to educate himself, new and innovative ideas will come to the fore and the computer will continue to change and impact lives and the world more and more well into the future.
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