Ancient Civilization Of The Roman Empire

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When we take a look at why civilizations rise when others fall, the ancient civilization of the Roman Empire stands out as notable, if not particular. Ancient Rome remains one of the most prestigious empires in history due to its geography, specifically how the country of Italy was protected from invaders, the benefit of the Italian land, the civilization being at the center of trade and the diversity of the empire’s population. That being said, the ancient civilization of the Romans was able to succeed as long as it did due to the empire’s geographical advantage of being in the heart of Italy. Before starting, it is of critical importance that we take an in-depth look at the geography at the heart of the Roman Empire: Italy. The country that we call Italy is a rocky and mountainous territory surrounded by two major mountainous regions. One is the Apennine Mountains, which stretch north to south of the peninsula. Along the northern border are the Alps, the other main geographical features, which serve as the northern border of the peninsula (this would eventually become vital to Rome’s protection). Additionally, Italy is almost cut in half by the Tiber River, running through the famed city of Rome and extending near the eastern border of the country. More important are the bodies of water that surround the peninsula. The three major bodies of water that surround Italy are the “Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and (most importantly) the Mediterranean Sea” (The Historians of Ancient Rome). Also, Italy was surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, which creates a warm, cool summertime climate ideal for growing crops (such as grapes, olives and grain). Together, Italy’s mountainous geography, along with its access to open bodies of water, mad... ... middle of paper ... ...uccess. For instance, if the Alps were not located in at the Northern edge of Italy, thus protecting the Romans from the armies of the Goths and Hannibal, the Romans would have most certainly been destroyed, and their influence in a current perspective would not have as big of a place in our history. To conclude, the importance of geography in relation to the Roman Empire has a larger impact than one might imagine. The Romans occupy a large part of most of human not because of how successful they might have been, but it’s the principle behind their survival that speaks so profoundly to geographers. Because Ancient Rome was situated in the right place, and its citizens were able to use their strategic advantage to not only advance their causes, but prosper off this advantage, the civilization continues to rest in the hearts of both geographers and historians alike.
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