Ancient City of Mount Vesuvious was Destroyed in One Night

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It seems that everyone knows the story of the mountain that destroyed an ancient city in a single night. Mount Vesuvius is a name that people associate with a great destructive power, violent death, and absolute obliteration. Indeed, multiple writers, such as Darley, call it, “The most famous and most accessible volcano in the world” (18). Still, this fame does not mean that people know the volcano to the full extent of its glory; indeed, most people do not know the science that caused the turmoil or the actual historical facts of the event and the devastation it caused more than one iconic city. Mount Vesuvius brims with fascinating geology that has elicited precise accounts of its might, intriguing victims, and it has made lasting impacts that have made this great force of nature famous, rather than simple ideas or faulty facts. Therefore, one must study the geology of it and other volcanoes, the many eruptions, the devastation on the land, all that is being done to prevent such devastation from happening once again, and the lasting impacts of Mount Vesuvius to fully grasp the context of that name. Its exact nature proves it to be more than a mere pop-culture reference or fantastic childhood fascination that is not truly understood.
To understand Vesuvius, one must first learn more about volcanos in general. Volcanoes tend to develop from fissures that form from stress between two tectonic plates that then force their ways to the surface of the Earth’s crust; for this reason, they tend to lie along plate boundaries and thus appear to be in “rings,” hence the well-known “Pacific Ring of Fire.” Such fissures are able to form because of the molten mantle that allows the solid crust to float freely atop it, sometimes causing plates...

... middle of paper ... a glimpse into ancient Roman life from multiple time periods from the preserving properties of the debris that covered the people and towns. Artists throughout the centuries have immortalized the volcano and its activity in artwork. Many movies, television shows, and books have imaginatively explored and told the story of Pompeii. Each eruption could be said to have spurred a revival of writing, whether to record the events or to explore social issues that added to the devastation. From these and other results of the blasts of Mount Vesuvius, it can be concluded that this fascinating geological presence has had a lasting impact on the landscape and people of Italy and the world. Nevertheless, the layman cannot fully appreciate all these impacts until he or she knows more about the geology, historical facts, ever-present dangers, and research of Mount Vesuvius.

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