Ancient Chinese Civilization

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The history of Eastern Asia is complex, full of cultural changes that are still practiced today throughout the world. China was isolated from the rest of the world due to mountain ranges, large deserts and vast grasslands. However, isolation from the rest of the world did not affect the growth and changes that occurred in China from the Neolithic Age to 1400. Chinese culture greatly influenced East Asia through trade and war with neighboring territories. Each new Dynasty strived to be greater and mightier than the one that preceded it. New governments, better militaries, more effective weapons, expanding trade routes and new ideologies were some of the changes that spread across China and into modern day Vietnam, Korea and China.

One of the biggest causes of change is war. It forces new ideas in how to govern a nation and more effective militaries. Conquered people forced kings to rethink how they would govern a larger kingdom. China’s history is divided into Dynasties, each one accomplishing great feats but eventually being defeated by opposing forces. Which each new Dynasty came a new concept of ruling a new nation. From the first dynasty, China’s region would grow larger and mightier than the one that preceded it. With the threat of war always on the horizon, the Chinese had to constantly rethink of ways to govern in order to keep stability and economic growth within the borders. War would deplete monies of the kingdom; war booty and trade with other nations were ways to keep the country economically afloat.

Great philosophers, written texts, military minds and leaders emerge out of necessity and the idea that change is needed. One of the most notable philosophers during the Zhou Dynasty was Confucius. Ethics was his main fo...

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...ound its way into Vietnam, Korea and Japan due to trade and commerce with China. Chinese culture had a great impact on these countries, they eventual became unique to each country but its roots can be traced back to China.

China’s history has been compared to the Roman Empire. It was a small nation that grew with each new Dynasty. Soon China became more economically and technologically advanced than any other nation. Through perseverance and the willingness to accept new forms of government and ideas a Country can became a great power house in the world. War, as it would seem, is a necessary evil in order for a nation to grow and excel in the world. China had great setbacks within its borders but as whole always overcame all obstacles and survived through all the changes to become one of the world’s great powers of today.

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