Ancestor Report: Simeon Adams Dunn

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Simeon Adams Dunn is my 5 times great grandpa. Born August 7, 1803, in Groveland, Livingston County, New York to Simeon Dunn and Sarah (Sally) Bath. His father left his home and family when Simeon was but a few years old. And when he was seven, his father joined the army and surrendered and died because of it. His mom died leaving the children Mary, William, Simeon, and James alone with no parents. The 4 children had friends take care of them. Simeon A. Lived with the Skinner family for a number of years. He then left New York to settle in Michigan, there he met the Rawson family and married their daughter Adeline in 1828. They lived on a farm house in Wayne county, Michigan. They had animals, barns, and orchards of fruit trees. He was a hard worker and able farmer. Named after her mother, Adaline was their first child and was followed by Francis who died at age 3 in 1835, Then Mary. Maria was born March 3, 1836 but died the first of April. After those heartbreaking years of deaths, Simeon heard of the mormons and became very interested. He named his son Mosiah after the Book of Mormon and it’s people was born on February 19, 1837. The same day, his twin Anariah was born that day but died a few hours after birth. Betsy, who was a healthy child was born March 22,1838. At the time, Simeon’s brother James came to Simeon’s home as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. He preached them and Simeon and his wife was baptized by him on April 15,1839. But that wasn’t enough for Simeon. He wanted to see the prophet Joseph in person, and maybe even offer his services to the church. In June 1840, he set off to Nauvoo on foot which was a 500 mile trip. There he saw the prophet Joseph Smith. Simeon was set ap... ... middle of paper ... ...and May 12,1877. Simeon Dunn spent the years 11880-1881 working on the St. George Temple. On February 20,1883, in Brigham City, Simeon Adams Dunn died. He was buried by his wife and 2 of their 20 children. He was remembered as a farmer, missionary (serving 5 missions), guard, construction worker on the temple, pioneer, electioneer, 70’s quorum president in Brigham City, a loyal husband losing six wives, and a very faithful member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. One of his last words were “I can say in my heart God bless Zion. My testimony to the world is, and to humanity, that inasmuch as they will subscribe to the ordinances of this Latter Day Church, they will never be ashamed, and they will be raised up at the last day; but those that heed not, I have no promises for them, but those that fight against this work, I know that woe awaits them.”

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