Analyzing Vicks’ Advertisement on ZzzQuil

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Sleep is the body’s way of restoration, improving memory, and preparing one for the upcoming day’s chaos. However, in recent years it has become a school norm for a person to be up at all hours of the night despite having to wake up early in the morning. So, seeing an advertisement promoting a sleep aid by a trusted company such as Vicks would strike interest of someone who struggles to fall asleep but not necessarily sell the product. Selling the product depends on the way that the company displays its product using color or background details, arrangement of featured people, wording and product placement. When analyzing the Vicks’ advertisement consumers are first drawn to the deep purple tones throughout the entire advertisement. The color purple is often associated with high class or royalty suggesting that one would rest as if they were in a palace. Also, the couple featured in the advertisement are depicted in a large bed containing fluffy pillows and crumpled sheets. The use of the bed as a background visual further plays into the thought of receiving the royal treatment in ...

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