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Today’s cars are sold on television and on paper. Most people live busy lives and do not have the time to inspect their top car choices in between their lunch break or when they get home; most people have a life. So when a car manufacturer impresses our motor heads with more horse-powers, environmentalists with fewer emissions, commuters with better miles per gallon, soccer moms with safer cars, and rock-stars with more speed, there is something to be said in a commercial or professional review. We probably see 5 car commercials anytime we watch a television show and most reviews are done by professional drivers, talk show hosts, and various marketing gurus.

Top Gear is a modern British car show unique to England and is hosted by three eccentric car enthusiasts who test drive current super cars to everyday commuters. By test driving a large spectrum of vehicles, they appeal to a large market of consumers. The three hosts usually pick similar cars to compare and give their own blunt or cheesy sugar-coated opinions about the cars to give you an idea of what it feels like to own and drive the vehicle. With 350 million viewers per week, this masterpiece of television proves to have a huge influence on the buyers in the automobile market (cbsnews link). Every episode is different with a familiar flow from previous seasons, which keeps the show relevant yet still revelatory.

To give a view into the world of Top Gear, the segment of Season 15 Episode 4, Jeremy Clarkson is showing off both the new Porsche 911 turbo convertible and the also new Audi convertible. This is not a commercial; however it almost feels like one due to the production value and Jeremy Clarkson’s support for both cars make them look absolutely stunning. This i...

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...have 350 million viewers which is 50 million more people than there are in the whole United States . They have to appeal to each member of society; this is why they do segments of A-list celebrities driving $10,000 KIAs and Nissans. This is the reason why they use slapstick and unorthodox humor to smooth the edges of social boundaries. Anytime I watch this show I always get lighter spirit knowing that this was meant for everyone to enjoy. The beautiful cadence, rhythm, and cleverness of this show makes Top Gear and more specifically Jeremy Clarkson in this segment look like the ultimate cars salesman. I would bet this show influences more people on what and how they drive compared to any other car marketing group.

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