Analyzing The Survey On Social Media

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Our team made an corupaptive effort to compile the survey hypothesis. After reading the required reading and survey samples, team members provided their suggested hypothesis. One of the team members volunteered to be the task manager for the group. After the hypothesis suggestions were posted the task manager read and responded to each suggestion. Team members commented on the suggested hypothesis. After a combined effort of tweaking and combining suggestions, we were able to come to a mutual agreement on an hypothesis. As a result of social media, our society has become more isolated leading to a decline in the American value of community. The team agreed upon a negative outcome for the hypothesis, that it would show in the results of the survey. Many stated they have had negative experiences socializing with families and friends due to social media. I expected negative responses to the questions outlined in the survey. I based my expectations on personal experiences with social media while at gatherings with family and friends. Also from conversations that I have had with them about their negative experiences with social media. I choose to poll family and friends for my part of the survey. They were the ones that I knew would take the survey seriously. I also choose people with opposing views on the effect of social media applications on our society. My decision to survey my family and friends did impact the hypothesis. The data displays views that support and contradict the hypothesis. Raw Data Results The team survived 30 individuals, which broke down to 16 females and 14 males. The ages ranged from under 18 to over 55. The participants lived in diverse communities such as suburban, city, rural, and other communities. 21 of... ... middle of paper ... ...borative groups, were things have not moved this smoothly. It was refreshing to have a group that work very well together. I enjoyed the exchanging of ideas, mutual respect, and positivity of our group. We also did not have any challenges. Our task manager kept us on track and on point. Everyone was pretty prompt with their suggestions and questions. I believe that face to face interviewing is the best research method. It is a more personal way of receiving information. It also seems to make the participant more at ease. They are comfortable and are more inclined to answer question honestly. I work in a profession that asks personal questions and receives private information. When the client is in a room and sitting in a comfortable chair, they are more willing to offer information; then when they are standing at a desk in a waiting room, full of people.
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