Analyzing My Skills and Job Options

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INTRODUCTION The main aim of the present study is to analyze my present skills and compare them with the required for my chosen carrier. For the purposes of this report I selected the job of the estate agent. The Property management jobs can be found in three major areas; leasing (sales), administration, and management. A successful estate agent should be proficient and comfortable with all aspects of the selling process. He has many responsibilities and thus essential skills are needed in order to be professional. He is responsible to market and promote the property. He has to be focus on selling houses to prospective buyers and being the port-of-call for those who want to sell their property (Fubra Limited, 2013). He has to speak with clients on the phone, arrange meetings with them and make sure that an agreed and acceptable price to both parties is established. (Anacan, 2013 Fubra Limited, 2013). It is important to provide meaningful and relevant information to a wide variety of people and must not be afraid to sale. SKILLS FOR A SUCCESSFUL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND COMPARE TO MY SKILLS 1. EDUCATION It is needed great education to improve your personal level, but it is also needed to develop the skill to educate others. Whether it’s teaching a first-time homebuyer about mortgages or a savvy investor about the internal rate of return on an income-property, you need the skills to be able to convey your message effectively. Technology is a great aspect which should be taken into consideration. "With a good MIS support the management of marketing finance production and personal becomes more sufficient. This helps in forecasting and long term respective planning. A disciplined information reporting system creates a structured database and a knowledge base for all the people in the organization."(Hitesh Gupta, 2011 Management information system, page 25) It is remarked how significant technology is in managerial task. I personally make huge efforts so as to follow the evolution of technology and during my studies I expect to gain enormous knowledge about the subject. 2. PROBLEM SOLVING You need to be able to react to problems that arise with a confident decision that results in an effective solution. This advanced skill requires timing and judgement to be successful. It is needed to be able to react to problems that arise with a confident decision that results in an effective solution. Simplifying strategies a).define the problem.

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