Analyzing Hamlet's Worth

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``To be or not to be``, a popular quote of Hamlet shows the manifestation of existentialism of reason in his world. A world in which he is the prince of a country whose throne has been taken over with blood by his very own uncle. This world filled with deception is the perfect body for the thoughts of one’s self worth to thrive. A world that once held a respective perspective of the throne, only to become a cesspool of treachery and incestious relations. The protagonist Hamlet has his world torn asunder, where he views actions that create conflicting thoughts of himself. Such that he questions how he has not yet taken it into his own hands, knowing that his uncle is truly behind his father’s murder. While calling himself a coward that fights with words, like his uncle who manipulates others with his split tongue. But having been pushed around by those against him, Hamlet often reflects on his own worth. Will killing Claudius bring him any gain? Would it be his life cause? What would more blood bring abo gain? Self worth, the thoughts that gives Hamlet conflict between his thoughts , becomes our entrance into his perspective. Where self worth is what compels and constrains him from his malicious thoughts. This is what Hamlet often ponders about in his thoughts, his self worth in his corrupt world. Conflicting thoughts are often profound in Hamlet, like how he is faced with a choice of now or never but always has approached them carefully. One was when Hamlet speaks while walking into an empty room and begins to question why we do what we do. ``To be or not to be-that is the question `` 127, a famous quote from Hamlet. Provoking the thought of reason in his actions. To act now or later would be his though... ... middle of paper ... ...rpose in life The life of Hamlet filled with deception and death is the very example of the conflicts of one’s self. Where he is conflicted in his thoughts about himself, who he wants to be and what can he do. A life in which he can submit to each of his desires, revenge for his father or to continue as the price of Denmark who is everyone’s ideal prince. But even for those around Hamlet, No matter who, everyone will die and be forgotten. Which is the overall ending for Hamlet, will he die and be forgotten like those before him, But no matter what life comes to an end. Even for those that held power their fame eventually ends. And for Hamlet it is the very same. These extensional thoughts are brought out In Hamlet, where our thoughts conflict about who we are and what we perceive in others. But in the end we die and become dust that becomes forgotten in the wind.

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