Analyzing Active Listening Skills.

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The theories of counselling, listening skills sessions, offered the opportunity to learn and exercise the practical application of listening skills. Such skills involved actively listening to the speaker and asking forth bringing questions. The knowledge attained throughout the theories of counselling module, was applied in these practical sessions. Even though the students in these listening skills sessions were supposed to work in mock therapeutic session, it was made clear that these exercises did not provide the necessary training for the students to become professional counsellors. Nevertheless this does not mean that these practices were not helpful. We were provided the possibility to gain a better and newer understanding of the subject by practicing our listening skills and conducting these practical exercises. While we took on the role of an active listener, it was important to show a deeper understanding of both positive and negative features that the speaker had to deal with in the speaker-listener interaction. It was important that the listener made the speaker feel comfortable with what they were saying and that active feedback was provided to the speaker. Undertaking the active listening sessions, it was clear to me that I had to pay my full attention to the speaker. A good listener will focus their attention in a way that they can easily pick up non-verbal cues (McKay, 2011). While listening to the speaker, I tried my best to pay full attention to their body language, tone of voice and the way they expressed themselves. I maintained direct eye contact with the speaker in each listening session. At no point did I have any difficulties focusing on the speaker nor did I face any distracting thoughts running through m... ... middle of paper ... ...n, is to provide tactful reflections and mirroring in order to encourage them to open up more. It is important to always keep an open mind, be welcoming, keep an open posture and treat the speaker with utmost respect. Works Cited Active listening: Hear what people are really saying (n.d.). Retrieved April 21, 2011, from: Canadian Association of Student Activity Adviser (n.d.). Listening skills. Retrieved April 21, 2011, from: McKay, D. R. (n.d.). Now pay attention: Here's why you need good listening skills.. Retrieved April 21, 2011, from: Ross, A. (Producer), & Short, F. (Director). (2011). Active listening session [Motion picture]. UK: Bangor University.
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