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A: Plan of Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the extent to which Hitler used the Berlin 1936 Olympics as propaganda for the Nazis. This investigation will examine Germanys attempt to exhibit a well developed Germany, the Nazis demonstration of Aryan superiority throughout the Olympics, and the association of the coverage and media usage of the Olympics in Nazi Germany, with Hitler’s intentions. This examination will also include an analysis of the Origin, Purpose, Value and Limitations of the 2 main sources used in this inquiry, Jennifer Gross’s article “1936 Olympic Games” and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museums article “The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936”. B: Summary of Evidence Introduction to situation of Germany prior to the Olympics • Germany lost World War 1 in 1918. • Germany faced harsh punishments after losing the war, and treaties like the treaty of Versailles, which put Germany into debt believed to be at initially 269 billion marks (around 32 billion dollars), and terrible conditions for the next couple of years (Crossland, David). • Severe poverty, and very high unemployment rates (32% at its peak). (Crossland, David). Demonstrating a Modern Germany • After being awarded the 1936 Olympics in 1931, Goebbels, the head of German propaganda, along with Hitler, saw the chance to show off Germanys strength. It also was a message of Germany’s return to the world after being out-of-the-way from the global community, due to the results of WW1 (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). • Hitler later becomes chancellor. • Hitler’s aims were to impress the world by showing a modernized peaceful Germany (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). • After witnessing Hitler’s racism and dicta... ... middle of paper ... focused on the body composition and muscle tone of the Aryan athletes (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). He wanted the athletes to look good, so people could see how the Aryans were different. With 348 participants (Gross, Jennifer) the German team finished first (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). This was important to Hitler, as he wanted to show that Aryans were top, even with athletics. However, African American athlete Jesse Owens broke many records, which explains why Hitler didn’t shake his hand, as he opposed Hitler’s ideas of Aryan Race superiority (Hall, Allen). The use of Media also emphasized how Hitler wanted to use Propaganda in the Olympics. Hitler televised the Olympics, however he didn’t televise the wins of Jesse Owens (EarlyTelevision). Over 21 cameras were set up, 100,00 people watched the Olympics on screen (Earlytelvision).

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