Analysis of the United States President

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This essay will focus on the analysis of the President through News article that show government egain at work, but first I must explain the authority of government granted by US constitution and court case engal, then the structure of executive branch, starting with the president ending with the cabinet. Lastly I will give my analysis pertain to the current president. The Authority of government is derived from the US constitution in regards with the executive branch the authority comes from article II of the US constitution. The language of the constitutions describe many aspect and roles of the oval office such as executive of the law, role in legislative, commander in chief, role in Foreign Affairs. At first and foremost the president is the executive of the law where he must enforce the law written by congress and these laws can be very specific where the law states out exactly what is to be done or it can be broad and general that is left to the president to determined how he is going to execute the law. He can also delegate law enforcement to such agency like CIA, FIB. The president must have full control and has the full responsibility of these agencies to maintain such control he has the ability to appoint people that can managed departments and agency and these appointee must report to him. With responsibility of executing the law, the president can in some degree control what is pass into law or enact on passed law upon his interpretations. The role that the president has in legislative branch is to sign bill into law or veto bill that is passed in both the house of representative and house of senate. These are tools that the president can use to advance his agenda. Another method a president can influence law is t... ... middle of paper ... ...fight for equality could be seen in his administration from passing the affordable care act to the selection of cabinet member from minority groups. It could be conclude that Mendel, Martin Luther King, ghadi had a major influence on Obama because they were mentioned in the article and all were champion on civil rights. Obama is seen as champion for civil right as well and think the greatest achievement to date is the passing of affordable care act. This is a major achievement because the obstacle of going aginst big money lobbyist. This demonstrates that even at disadvantage of being poor we can still have control of our government and that is empowering. I have discussed about the president authority and the structure of the executive office and given my analysis on the importance of knowing president background and is a major factor in regards policy.
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