Analysis of the Short Story: Sonny’s Blues

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“Sonny’s Blues” is considered as one of Baldwin’s first short stories. Initially printed in the 1957 Partisan Review, “Sonny’s Blues” revolves around the narrator as he gets to learn who his drug-hooked, piano-playing baby brother, Sonny, really is. Set in Harlem, similar to numerous of Baldwin’s former works; “Sonny’s Blues” is a steady struggle involving light and darkness, disappointment and salvation (Kim 71). The story was incorporated in the short-story anthology “Going to Meet the Man” published in 1965. This story displays Baldwin’s aptitude to change his social and political fears into art. Whereas, "The Metamorphosis" is the novel by Franz Kafka, which was initially published in 1915, Kafka tried to represent the unexceptional circumstances for Gregor Samsa (main character of the story) (Kopec 323). This story illustrates meaningless, or wildly unreasonable, the occasion, which in itself suggest that the narrative operates in a random, confused universe.
The analysis of the character of Sony's Blues shows that, it provides an insight not into Sonny and their ups and downs of their life together but also into their environment. This story represents the comparison of societal issues, lives, status and success (Kim 72). The study represents that, during the story, the writer constantly remarked on the scarcely concealed anger in the individuals around Sony as a way to show off. The characters in “Sonny’s Blues” are ensnared both bodily and psychologically. However, the story, the narrator and Sonny are continuously hard working to break free from one obstacle or another to avoid their frustration of their lives.
Whereas, Gregor's character shows the transformation of his body into an insect at the start of the story. It ...

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...or was upset from their life and the story was related to the real life story (Kim 93). The actual "blues" he played through the piano, was him releasing those inner devils hidden inside him from his life and live happily (Schachtel). Whereas, "metamorphosis" represented the Gregor changes into an insect, but he remained same from the mind. Therefore, both the story tells that every person has some hidden darkness in them.

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