Analysis of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination Teaching Sesion

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The aim of this assessment is to critically analyse my recent OSCE teaching session, in relation to the experience of how I taught a skill to a junior student. This will involve reflecting upon the experience, critically analysing my strengths in the teaching session and areas for development and evaluation about the implications for my future practice when teaching students, patients and relatives. This will be supported by relevant literature.
I felt nervous at the beginning of teaching the skill, due to the importance of the OSCE, but I began to relax because I had prepared for the assigned skill and the key points I had written allowed me to structure the teaching session. Additionally, having been the junior student in a previous OSCE teaching session gave me some insight into what to expect.
I preferred that it was a discussion OSCE and not a demonstration OSCE, under exam conditions, because I was just focused on one aspect of teaching and not worrying about making a mistake on the demonstration. This allowed me to be fairly effective in my teaching, as indicated by the student answering the question I asked correctly.
Critical analysis:
For the planning of the teaching session I used aims, which Quinn and Hughes (2007) advises helps the person being taught understand the purpose of the session, and objectives due to them acting as a framework (Howard, 2004) and providing structure to the teaching session (Dean & Kenworthy, 2000).
This allowed me to organise my teaching session in a logical sequence and was a strength when preparing my key points due to it giving me a series of cues to remember, write down and guide me in the teaching session and minimise the chance of forgetting a vital part of the session ...

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...s through asking the learner regular questions to confirm they have understood the information by repeating it back (Sully and Dallas, 2010). Additionally, to ensure understanding I would recap important points, due to Quinn and Hughes (2007) advising that it helps the learner retain information longer through being exposed to the information more than once.
Through the critical analysis of how I taught a junior student in my recent OSCE teaching session I identified that I felt nervous in the session but overall I felt that my teaching was effective. The areas of strength identified included the uses of aims and objectives in planning and creating an effective learning environment and areas of weakness that I will need to develop in future include confirming understanding and tailoring the content more effectively to the learner’s level of knowledge.
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