Analysis of an Automobile During and After a Crash

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In this section we discuss how can we improve the force impact, improve the safety of passenger and reduce the weight.


Normal paper can’t carry heavy things, but by some Technique we can make it.

Safety cell and crumple zone:

According to a British Insurance Research study: 65% were in front impacts, 25% rear impacts, 5% left side, and 5% right side. So it is important to improve absorbing energy of impact force in front and rear vehicle by crumple zone, and protect passenger compartment by Safety cell.

Crumple zone:

crumple zones: front and rear areas of a vehicle that are create to deform and crumple during a traffic collision, by controlled the deformation,to absorb force without affecting the passenger compartment , The energy of crash is designed to travel through the vehicle to the back. This technique has been developed and invented by Mercedes-Benz in 1959 Designed by Daimler-Benz engineer Béla Barényi, The patent 854157.

He divided the vehicle body into three areas: the rigid non-deforming passenger compartment “Safety cell” and the crumple zones in the front and the rear. They are designed to receive the energy of an impact (kinetic energy) by deformation through collision

How it work:

It work by managing crash energy by absorbing it within the outside parts of the vehicle, instead being directly transmitted to the passenger compartment, This is accomplish by control the weakening of sacrificial outer elements of the vehicle, while strengthening and expanding the rigidity of the inner elements of the body of the vehicle

Engineers have to strike a balance in the midst of high impact resistance and low impact resistance. Simple designs can contain frame segments built to co...

... middle of paper ...

...e assume the chassis was designed in one piece

In accident, this leads to the compression of the chassis on itself then on the passengers, so it make danger for them. Rather than unloading force of the impact on refraction point.

figure (4.5)

Sample example about if we change the structure we improve the hardness.

By logic sample half A4 paper can’t carry empty cup. If we use triangle civil engineer we can improve it to whole new level of hardness

Figure (4.5) show half A4 paper the next picture after we apply this method. Last picture prove that paper carry the cup perfectly.

How this stracture will be painfts to us

Mercedes-Benz prove "innovation in research vehicle ESF 2009" that we can improve the strength of pillars car or the whole safety zone cage by fold the car pillars structure figure (4.6).

figure (4.6)
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