Analysis of Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan

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Analysis of Waiting to Exhale by Terry McMillan

The first chapter of the book begins with Savanna Getting ready for a New Years eve party. Her younger sister encouraged her to meet a guy named Lionel, who is the friend of Sheila’s husband. After Thanksgiving they talked on occasions and now he invited to meet her at this party. While she is getting ready she explains that she is moving to Phoenix and one of the reasons is because “the men are dead in Denver”. In the past nine years she has spent it living with three different guys and she just can’t find the right one. When she arrives at the party she is nervous and not happy about the way she looks, but that doesn’t stop her. She didn’t really know what Lionel looked like so she sat at an open seat. She hopes that this is the right guy and wants to have fun tonight. She waits for an hour and finally bumps into him and is surprised. They talked for awhile and then decided to dance, while they where dancing she is swept off her feet and believes that he is the guy that she has been waiting for all her life. After the dance is finished they return to their seats and that’s when she finds out that Lionel is at the party with another woman. Denise puts her arm around Lionel and tells him to dance with her. They left to the dance floor and Lionel turned around and gave Savanna a look of apology. Then she leaves the party to go home and watch Dick Clark on the television.

I think I really can relate to Savanna because we have many things in common. I think one of the biggest similarities is that I moved to Hawaii because I wanted to get away from the life in Korea. I never found the guys in Korea interesting and found them to be real dead beats. Since coming to Hawaii I found the sweetest boyfriend and am so glad that I moved here. Another similarity that I found with Savanna was the situation that she was in at the party. A long time ago I was invited to a Christmas party by a guy I only knew by the description from my friend and from talking over the Internet. When I arrived at the party I didn’t know anyone there and was so nervous to meet this guy. As Savanna was explaining her situation I could see myself back at that Christmas party and felt the way that she felt. Though I wasn’t as lucky as she was because I thought the guy was not attractive at all.

Suddenly Single


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... could do but don’t have the means. Everyday she pulls through and I think to myself I wish I was that strong.

Back To Life

Bernadine had just received the call from her lawyer telling her that she has just received nine hundred sixty four thousand. As soon as she was finished talking to her lawyer she called Savannah to tell her the good news. They made plans about the New year and that they were going to dinner. Next she called Robin to see how she was doing. She told Robin that she was going to throw the biggest baby shower. When she finished talking to Robin she called Gloria to see if she needed money for Tarik. Now that she had the money to start her catering business she decided to open a store.” Bernadine’s Sweet Tooth.”

I am so glad for them at this point. When reading this book I put so much emotion into it. I felt so close to these girls and knew so much about them. I could relate to so many thing that happened and could share so many experiences. I’m so happy for all of them and to know that they are all finally on the right track. I have to admit there was some points in the book where I felt as if I was so devistated but couldn’t stop readi.
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