Analysis of Trifles, by Susan Glaspell

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Susan Glaspell
(1876 – 1948)

The story of Trifles was written in 1916 which is a period in time when women played a minimal role at solving situations, and was thought of as not having much to say or do of importance. There were important issues that plagued women, such as birth control, socialism and women’s suffrage. Also during that time few women went to college or sought employment outside of the home. Women were thought of only being interested in little things of no importance thus the meaning of Trifles.
The characters in the play trifles all played a significant role in helping to describe the plot and the theme to this story. The plot was to find the motive for the murder. The theme is some time things as small as they are can mean so much more.
George Henderson who is the young county attorney that wants to know what happened in the home of John Wright the deceased. However he believes Mrs. Wright is responsible for the death of Mr. Wright but he needs evidence he needs the motive of why Mrs. Wright would kill her husband. He is focused on finding evidence that will directly connect Mrs. Wright to the murder. And in looking he is so oblivious to the things in the kitchen that can possibly give him a motive.
Henry Peters is middle age married Sheriff. He leads the investigation to the murder of Mr. Wright. His character is of importance because of his occupation and what it symbolizes for his wife Mrs. Peters.
Lewis Hale the neighbor to Mr. and Mrs. Wright. He was the person to find Mr. Wright dead in his bed and Mrs. Wright sitting in the house quietly. He tries to speak of the character or Mr. Wright when he began to tell his story of the events leading to his visit with Mrs. Wright, but the sheriff woul...

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...the information they discovered a secret among themselves.
Overall this was a good story however this story reiterated something that I knew all along, that women are practical and smart.

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