Analysis of Tony the Arch-Deceiver

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Analysis of Tony the Arch-Deceiver

My opinion is, I don't think Tony is a player because when reading the

story at first everyone assumes he is going to ask Milly for her hand

in marrage.Reading on we discover he doesn't yet know who he prefers.

However, I feel he is quite cheeky when he convinces two girls to hide

in his cart and talks to all saying he likes them because that is very

deceiving and could confuse all three when his final choice is made.

This could convince the reader he is the arch-deceiver, we are lead to

believe he is! Considering the circumstances he obviously thought this

was the best thing to do.

I also feel that Tony considers all three of the girls feelings by

hiding two of them! This may not have been the best course of action

to take, however Tony appeciates completly different qualities in all

three so is trying to make up his mind this way.

I think that the group of people most likely to disagree with Tony's

actions would be female as I can see it from there point of view and

would not like it myself! I think that Milly has strong feelings and

the other two are flirting and are not as serious.

Tony is leading the girls on because both Unity and Hannah know he has

asked Milly for her hand in marrage.

In the beginning of the story, it goes on to say that two of the three

girls get a lift, he doesn't actually ask them, he is just being

polite by agreeing to help:Unity says

''My dear tony will you give me a lift home''

How could he possibly say no when he obviously had plenty of time for

her. Tony has Milly his intended wife and he should not have worried

about giving the other two a lift, so there was no problem with what

he was doing. Also he had not planned to come across all three that

day, so when he was faced with the situation it was a case of dilema

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the reasons why he likes people in his cart.
  • Opines that actions would be female as i can see it from there point of view.
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