Analysis of The TV Series LOST: Why is it so Popular?

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LOST is a popular American TV series that was first shown on the famous American Broadcasting Company ABC between the dates of September 2004 and May 2010. It consisted of six seasons. A popular and praised TV series, LOST has been ranked by critics among their all time top ten television shows ever made (Krukowski 1). It is about the survivors of a commercial airliner, Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed on a hidden island in the Pacific while flying from Sydney to Los Angeles. The TV series is popular in different cultures and countries, a success that is attributed to many reasons. Its collection of diverse crew, numerous romantic relationships, a number of themes including the wilderness life and the mainly island locations of acting makes it popular across different cultures. This paper explores these reasons in detail and how exactly they have contributed to the popularity of LOST, across many cultures and countries beyond the American culture.

(Bill Carter 2) described LOST as the TV show with probably the most convincing storyline in the history of television. It first appeared on September the 22, 2004, and its pilot episode attracted some 18.6 million viewers, giving ABC its highest ratings, since the year 2000.A great number of young fans tuned in every week to watch LOST, before speeding to share theories about this amazing TV show's on social networking sites such as Facebook. As a typical TV show, LOST has attracted a committed and thriving international fan base. LOST fans, at times referred to as Lostaways, have assembled by Comic-Con,San Diego-based international nonprofit, and gatherings arranged by ABC. They have also been dynamic in developing many websites for fans, such as Lostpedia, and blogs devo...

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...enagers to young adults and senior citizens which offers opportunities to connect with the show with various people with diverse preferences to chose their best character. The ideas are carefully organized and powerful themes inserted which makes eventual possibilities much, an ideal story to keep watchers exciting and guessing. The curious starting scene also makes followers from any corner of the world thinks and hence following. The show is simply unique.

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