Analysis of St. Agustine´s View on the Existence of God

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Since the beginning of human civilization, Homo sapiens have strived to address the existence of God. In every era, humans have tried to explore the existence of God and presented their own elaborations to the concept of God. Some found Sun to be God, while others try to find “godly” part in other elements of nature like tress, animals, or stars. It can be noted that the existence of God is a concept, which is found in the very nature of human beings. The question of the “seen” or “unseen” is yet another argument, which populates the debate of philosophers. There is no doubt that religions have played a critical role in establishing the existence of God. At the same time, different religions interpret the presence of God in a distinct manner.
In this essay, the discussion explores the views of Saint Augustine, who lived in the Roman Empire. He serves as a prominent figure in the world of philosophical discussion (St. Thomas, 1911, p.n.d.). The discussion elaborates the views of Saint Augustine about the existence of God. Further, it examines how St. Augustine employs “reason” as a tool to second his thoughts and ideologies about the existence of God. The essay contrasts the opinions of Augustine with St. Thomas, about the existence of God. Lastly, the essay presents a conclusion, which summarizes the whole discussion.
St. Augustine explained the existence of God by developing a comparison of nature’s animate or inanimate forms. He explains that animals and human are both form of nature, having body and soul; what makes humans different is the presence of rational mind, which makes them superior to other forms of nature. At the lowest level, we can see a form of nature, which has existence but not life like water or stars. This f...

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.... However, there is some degree of differences between the two philosophies. Augustine compelled people to explore the evidence of existence by analyzing their perception of reason. On the other hand, Thomas presented a number of scientific reasoning like motion and gradation for explaining the existence of God. Thomas’s philosophy explains the concept from multiple dimensions; he concludes arguments and reasons using five distinct approaches. Therefore, the philosophy of Thomas is a detailed one.
From the discussion, it can be concluded that existence of God can be proved and developed by logical reasoning. They can be proved by seeking answers to our everyday questions like what can be bigger than our reason, who dictates solar system to act like an animate body. The evidence may not have physical existence but it is supported by the physical elements of nature.

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