Analysis of Shoeless Joe by by W. P. Kinsella

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Ray Kinsella helped other people fulfill their dreams by traveling for miles to

find them, and bring them back to his field of dreams. In the book Shoeless

Joe, W.P. Kinsella wrote about how some people were missing something in

their lives, but they found what they had been looking for when they arrived

at Ray’s field. Ray built a baseball field to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams of the

past. Ray’s father died when he was a teenager, so Ray did not get to spend

much time with him. Ray had always longed to see his father again and this

dream came true when he built the field. Others had unquenchable dreams

like Ray. Archibald Graham never got to bat in the majors, and that was what

was missing in his life. When Archie Graham came to Ray’s field, he found

the thread that tied the meaning of his life together. Eddie Scissons also had

an unrealized dream, all his life he had lied about himself being the oldest

living Chicago Cub, but he was only looking for the recognition that he had

always dreamt of having. When he came to Ray’s field, he no longer had to

lie about himself being the oldest living Chicago Cub, for that’s exactly what

he became. Ray’s field of dreams helped fulfill the dreams of other men

besides himself, and it made all the men very happy to finally find what they

have been looking for all their lives. Ray Kinsella was called upon by forces

left unknown to the readers and himself to go on both a physical journey as

well as a journey of the heart. After hearing voices proclaiming, "If you build

it, they will come," Ray risked the economic and emotional stability of the

family he loved dearly to build a baseball field. At first, Ray Kinsella was

highly skeptical, but eventually he realized the significance of his obscure

calling. Upon the completion of the baseball field, "Shoeless Joe Jackson",

the baseball player who had been his father’s hero before he passed away,

suddenly appeared in the field to talk with Ray and to play baseball. As the

book progressed, Ray continued to receive messages. After each new

message, Ray was called upon to further his journey. This journey involved

traveling to various cities around the United States, as well as facing issues

within himself that he has successfully hidden from for years. He built the field

to fulfill his unfulfilled dreams of the past. The one thing that Ray was missing

in his life was that he never went to a live baseball game with his father.

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