Analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet

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An individual plays a vital role in keeping patience to reveal the truth. In the play HAMLET, Shakespeare demonstrates the way of thinking of a character and how they deal with it. Through the comparison of two characters of hamlet and Ophelia, the reader is shown the nobility roles, madness and their tragic deaths after the death of their father.

“O heart, lose not thy nature”. Viewing the wordings of these particular words, we can observe how hamlet endeavors to make himself patient in the position of being dealt as a son, while he goes to his mother. His noble way of controlling situation and conversation is shown throughout the play. Hamlet does love Ophelia but denies showing it, it’s his ideal and smart way of making decisions about the situations. It’s from Ophelia’s father to her daughter, as he wants Ophelia to stay away from hamlet and to act on his advices. Hamlet’s way of making traps for Claudius to know the truth has proved his ideal character of making decision. Ophelia in her own self is so determined, that her state of mind as a woman is jumbled. Hamlet and Ophelia are on the same edge of the coin dealing with the critical situations after their father’s death. Ophelia controls her madness after the death of her father and so do hamlet.

“To die-to sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub”. This line is chosen from hamlet’s fifth soliloquy, which represents his anger towards his step-father. Ham...

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...n of her father and brother she when collecting flowers picks the specific kinds which describes the truth and her state of mind, as she treats herself after the death of her father. Ophelia lies to hamlet about his father, that he is at home, but in reality he was standing behind the curtain listening to their conversation. This is where we see the significance of the truth. But at the end, after her father’s death, she goes crazy and dies. Her giving up of life is to be an ideal and true love.

All of the above discussions about an individual’s way of reacting to it shows the patience, and not only patience but it as a virtue to mankind. The noble decisions an individual can make at the different situation, the madness of two characters reached to the top and as a result the both dies, which is quit a tragic death.
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