Analysis of Service Encounter

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A service encounter is defined as the period of time which a customer interacts with a service. Glushko and Tabas (2009) discuss the service experience as being largely focused on the interactions between employees, machines, automated systems, physical facilities and any other service provider visual elements. The perspective of the experience is determined during which contribute to the overall experience. Service quality is determined at the “moment of truth” (Lovelock, Wirtz and Chew (2009) when the service is delivered, in face to face service this quality occurs during the deliver, this interaction is when the consumer is making an indelible impression of the firms. The service industry in recent years have been devoting time, money and effort in retaining current consumers through the development of their service, to lengthen their current life cycle. In order to establish a greater understanding of the issues which effect the service environment a physical analysis of six service providers was undertaken, to further asses the development of core frameworks to improve current services. Through this report the evaluation of six encounters was undertaken in a variety of industries within the service sector.
As mentioned before a service firm is one which the perceived value of the task to the customer is determined more by the application than the product itself. The services explored have various levels of intangibility. For example, the service encounter at Harvey World Travel included the physical aspects such as the Travel branch, ticket and brochures. However in regards to using an ATM banking service this encounter was mostly no tangible. The service encounter also varied in the separability of the buye...

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...ent information, which appeared to contradict itself.

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